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Obama Blogger Block? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dave Howard   
So I woke up on Wednesday to find a bunch of shiny, happy bloggers. So, what do lefty bloggers write about now?

For the last eight years (well, really, four to six )  we have been waxing vitriolic on the obvious. T’was well meaning vitriol-- let’s face it,  the MSM missed that whole Iraq thing and slew of other Bushck-ups.

There was a new moon on Tuesday. The icing on the cake was John Roberts symbolic screwing up the oath of office, a reminder of the past administrations idiocy. So do we forgive? As better people , yes we do.

Yet with this tsunami of good tidings, what the hell will we write about? Moxie Grrrl is over the small people she often referred to as “Fucktards.” Helen Wheels, everyone’s favorite lipstick hippie, is awash with cheers! Crooks and Liars is going after Arnold ( a long overlooked target), so there is still stuff out there.     Our nitpicky ways are going south while chanting “Obama is great, Obama is good." Lefty bloggers have Obama block. Imagine the stuff that will slip under the radar!

Bloggers (including myself) feel like a bunch of Red Sox fans who woke up still drunk one morning and realized we were the WAHRLD FUCKIN’ KILLAH SICK WAHRLD CHAMPIONS!!! Then collectively say “What the hell do I do now? I don’t hate the Red Sox anymore.”  I feel strange and unfamiliar emotions. I may just learn how to whistle and skip.

Ain’t that a pissah?

So, uh, what now? Obama makes me complacent. With all of my negative angry blogging of the last few years, I’m exhausted. Just reading all of the bazillions of posts of bad news and criminal injustice could wipe a guy out. Everyone’s been so angry for so long now,  have we forgotten about what being a good person is. Like Moxie, Fox News Dick Cheney and Lindsey Graham have lost their significance. I even saw a story on Olberman the other night about how Bush wiretapped journalists and thought… “Oh, get over it!” Then thought “Hey.. this is still important.”

But even though I find myself out of work, sweating rent and learning that no unemployment checks are coming my way in the near future, I find myself hopeful. I find myself strangely optimistic. Hopefully, I will find myself.

Maybe I can write about that.





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