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Nude Women vs. Naked Ladies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Greg Mills   

Frankly, I'm torn.

Nude Women enjoy yoga and long distance running. Naked Ladies play paddle ball down at the lake.

Nude Women keep journals. Naked Ladies do the Word Scramble.

Nude Women are black and white. Naked Ladies have poor color separation.

Nude Women play harps. Naked Ladies dance on top of pianos.

ImageNude Women study architecture. Naked Ladies are undeclared.

Nude Women backpack Tibet. Naked Ladies watch Animal Planet.

Nude Women have shy smiles. Naked Ladies have large gums.

Nude Women skip stones. Naked Ladies whittle.

Nude Women drive old Saabs. Naked Ladies drive Solid Gold Cadillacs.

Nude Women have cats. Naked Ladies have little dogs named “Free Show”.**

Nude Women sunbathe on river rocks. Naked Ladies go skinny dipping off a rope swing.

Nude Women aesthetic accessory of choice: peacock feather. Naked Ladies: SPARKLERS!

Nude Women defend public libraries. Naked Ladies set horses free.

Nude Women are published. Naked Ladies are heard.

Nude Women sit on the veranda. Naked Ladies hang out on lawn chairs.

** A favorite joke among 8 year old boys:

Once there was a lady who had a little dog she called Free Show.
Free Show always got out of the house and ran up and down the street.
One day, Free Show got real sick, so the lady took him to the vet.
The vet said keep Free Show inside or he will get even sicker!!!
So when they got home, the lady told Free Show:
“I am going to take a shower. Stay inside, okay?”
So the lady took all her clothes off to get in the shower
and Free Show escaped!!!!!!
So the lady ran out of the house naked and yelled:
“Free Show! Free Show!”

A classic.

Greg Mills can also be read at THE BASTARD OF ART AND COMMERCE  


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